Our Partner Brands

We’re teaming up with some amazing organizations who work around the clock to make strides within the women’s health industry. Together, we’re redefining the space for conversations on women’s health, sexuality and self-development.

Body Banter

Body Banter shares our vision of erasing stigma and taboo around women’s bodies. Founded in 2016, what began as a platform for conversations on body image to take place grew to be a community organization helping young students advocate for a more body image inclusive society.

Hong Kong based NGO tackling body and mental health issues; Brand Partner


Feminine hygiene company founded in Copenhagen;
Product Partner

Denmark based women’s health company, OrganiCup is committed to changing the period perspective. Striving for a #NewPeriod through reusable and non-toxic menstrual products, OrganiCup has helped save over 369 million disposable periods products by aiding the switch to a sustainable alternative.

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Building Hong Kong’s first zero emissions delivery network; 
Blossom delivery partner

We’re happy to partner with a smarter choice for delivery. Local delivery service Alfred helps get your Blossom box swiftly to your door (or Alfred lockers citywide) using biodegradable packaging, recycled ocean plastic and cleaner fuel.

What We Have In Common

We partner with brands we really like that share our lifelong mission of personal development, openness and forging meaning relationship.

Fundamental Efforts

We believe in being frank about the basic needs of personal health. That’s what makes us human right?

Responsible Action

When it comes to personal health, we realise there’s more to be done. We run this brand with transparency, sustainability and social impact.

A Mind For Future

In the long run, we’re committed to elevating communities and reaching women of all backgrounds so that everyone’s empowered in their health.

Backed expertly by us.

Intimately focused on you.

We Could Be Groundbreaking Together.

Interested in partnering with us? If you're a brand or organisation that shares our mission of ending health stigmas, we'd love to get in touch. 

Volunteer opportunities also available.