We're Blossom

When it comes to health and wellness, we believe in the power of simplicity.

We’re not about the false promises or overnight miracles.

Blossom is a wellness box that eases your routine through easy-to-use and approachable personal care products.

Our collection of products is curated around a new theme each month so that each box is comprehensive with both intentional details and attention to the intimacies of female healthThis allows us to be to deliberate with researching what works and what doesn't. Best yet, it ensures that when the products reach you, making personal care your first priority will be effortlessly simple.

Get to know us, we're......

Sourced Consciously

We’re about the intimate details.

The brands we work with have an emphasis on local, sustainable production and social responsibility.


Research Driven

We’ve got your back so that you can conquer the rest.

All our products are researched for positive health benefits and tested by our team of women.

Committed to Impact

Personal care that goes beyond yourself.

We’re creating an inclusive community built on accessibility and empowerment.

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They do some awesome stuff. We think you’ll like them.

Your first Blossom box.

Meet The Sexual Wellness Collection box. It'll make you go yes, yes...yes.

Receive essentials for an alluring time that's great for use with a partner or on your own. We'd know, we've tried it. 

Each box is thoughtfully sourced and packaged with care, just for you!


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Powered by Hollo

Founded to address the disparity in mental healthcare seen across Asia, Hollo set out to develop a tech-based personal health management tool that facilitates individuals and professional therapists.

Blossom is our latest initiative aimed at helping women prioritise their well-being.

From Hollo to Blossom

Funded by Hollo Ltd

Blossom is fully supported by Hollo Limited, focusing on bringing value to niche communities in Hong Kong and Asia

Network Effect

Our friends are your friends. Our partners and coaches are on the edge of their seats, waiting to get to know you.

Shared Values

Hollo’s mission to create a more inclusive and accessible mental healthcare scene carries forward into Blossom.